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A motel is a short-term lodging facility with an average occupancy rate. Motels are typically categorized as budget, mid-price, or upscale. Generally speaking, motels offer lower rates than hotels to offset the clientele’s higher turnover and transient nature. The typical motel has rooms less than 190 square feet and will earn about $10 per occupied room per day in net revenue after expenses and taxes.

Best Motel Accounting Software

Motel Accounting Software encompasses the different features that account for a motel’s essential business functions, such as reservation management, point-of-sale transactions, reporting, and customer relationship management (CRM). Below you can find the best motel accounting software available on the market today with their advantages.

Our Top 5 Best Motel Accounting Software

Best Motel Accounting Software Reviews

Best Overall: Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Sage Intacct logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

For years, moteliers have relied on straightforward but archaic bookkeeping and accounting systems to track their operations. The shift manager keeps tabs on the room inventory in a ledger to the housekeepers balancing envelopes of cash and credit cards at night.

It’s time for that era to end! Business owners are finally making the switch to Sage Intacct, which offers them an easy-to-use point of sale (POS) system that handles all facets of accounting themselves with just a few clicks and no complicated transactions or fiddling with spreadsheets.

Sage Intacct Review

With Sage Intacct, you can track your hotel’s financial numbers in real time. It automatically synchronizes all the information related to your cash receipts and payments from the POS system. It lets you check sales, customer, and employee performance numbers by simply logging into the online account.

Whether you’re a large organization with several properties or a small business owner managing only a couple of rooms, Sage Intacct gives you the power to keep tabs on everything without having to sacrifice time on unnecessary tasks.

Best User-Friendly: FreshBooks

FreshBooks FreshBooks logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you are a small business owner looking for an online accounting solution, we’ve got an excellent suggestion for you: FreshBooks. With over 8 million customers, this motel accounting software tool is an increasingly popular choice among small businesses.

FreshBooks Review

Here’s what you need to know about it: 

  • It has an intuitive and simple interface.
  • There’s no risk to try the service for up to 30 days.
  • It integrates with any third-party applications.
  • You can view detailed reports or export them in .csv and pdf formats.
  • It’s a cloud service.
  • You don’t need to store any files on your hard drive.
  • You can also receive notifications for your customer’s activities and invoices, all in real-time. 

FreshBooks is one of the most popular online accounting tools. It’s an intuitive tool that makes it easier for both you and your accountant. If you are looking for web-based accounting software to help you with your daily accounting needs, FreshBooks is a great solution! Give it a try today and see how much of a difference FreshBooks can make to your business.

Best Customizable Option: Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you’re looking for new accounting software with a wide range of features, then look no further! Oracle NetSuite is a suite of integrated cloud-based business applications that cater to every aspect of your company. In addition, the latest version offers 24/7 customer service with worldwide availability. This means that you can carry on running your business without worrying about software downtime.

Oracle NetSuite is the latest in accounting software technology, enabling you to have a single view of your company’s finances across all departments, no matter where they’re located. The applications are designed to be used on any device with a strong focus on mobile functionalities for the ease of use of your employees.

Oracle NetSuite Review

Oracle NetSuite enables quick financial management and analysis with advanced tools such as “real-time” dashboards and KPIs (Key performance indicators), allowing you to make informed decisions within no time at all. With these features, Oracle NetSuite has everything you need from an accounting system.

Best Ease of Use: Nimble Property

Nimble Property Nimble Property logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Nimble Property is an intuitive, web-based motel property management software designed to simplify the way you run your business. It’s similar to Bigcommerce or Shopify in that it’s a fully functioning online store with electronic billing, and some can customize their themes. 

This motel accounting software is designed for motel owners, not developers or IT experts. If you’re looking to run your motel with software you can actually understand, we’d recommend Nimble Property.

Nimble Property Review

Nimble Property has many features that simplify motel management and provide you with the tools to improve customer service:

  • A fully-featured online store.
  • Electronic billing and bookkeeping.
  • Branding opportunities like custom logo and themes for each property.
  • Offline payment methods like check or money order. No more credit card fees and no more merchant accounts! And you get access to customer details immediately after they make a purchase.

Best for Workflow Automation: Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Cloudbeds logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Cloudbeds is a unique and innovative new web-based software that provides businesses with the tools to keep up with their finances from the comfort of their own home. With Cloudbeds, business owners can see what they are spending, track expenses against income, and file taxes on their smart devices. All without needing to visit an office.

Cloudbeds is a complete cloud-based suite of business tools for the motel and hospitality industry. The system offers free initial setup and works on any platform that has a web browser. In addition, it features cloud accounting, smart-phone friendly online accounting software, and e-commerce. Cloudbeds can be used on computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Cloudbeds Review

The motel accounting software provides real-time access to advanced financial management software capable of supporting any size business in the hotel industry.

Buyer’s Guide

Motel accounting software is designed for accounting, finance, or control information management professionals. Most facilities need accountant software to increase sales and provide greater service, but it can be challenging the proper software for motels.

This buyer’s guide will provide you with vast information about motel accounting software, main features, benefits, and things to consider while purchasing the best motel accounting software.

What Is Motel Accounting Software?

Most motels are owner-occupied businesses that depend on a high occupancy rate. A typical motel has various rooms, which sometimes need to be aggregated with other chambers to form larger capacities. This gives rise to the need for motel management accounting software designed for those who wish to cultivate their business using the power of technology through different modules. 

What Is Motel Accounting Software?

Depending on how a business is started, it may later decide to expand its services, such as offering meeting facilities and catering or opening up an onsite restaurant or coffee shop.

Common Features Of Motel Accounting Software

Motel accounting software encompasses the different features that account for a motel’s essential business functions such as reservation management, point-of-sale transactions, reporting, and customer relationship management (CRM). Below you can find the common features related to the motel accounting software.

  • Reservation Management. The ability to process reservations is indispensable for a successful business. An easy-to-use reservation system allows guests to check-in and check out promptly without waiting in long lines or filling out lengthy forms. 
  • Front Desk Management. The front desk requires the same professionalism expected for any hotel; the front desk officer should be responsive, courteous, and helpful. 
  • Point-of-sale. A point-of-sale system is expected to be highly automated, making it easy to operate without spending too much time on it. The system should also have a good amount of flexibility for easy customization. 
  • Reporting. This is a convenient way for individuals and organizations to gain insight into how their business is performing. With motel accounting software, the number of reports can be customized based on the business owner’s data requirements and specific needs.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Motel accounting software enables the motel to manage customer relationships to have a complete understanding of customer preferences and habits. This information can then be used to generate targeted marketing strategies that will help promote business.


Which Software Is Best For a Motel?

The major organizations that motels turn to for their technology are Oracle Hospitality Cloud Suite and Hotel Manager Application Suite. These suites provide programs suitable for various hospitality businesses, including front-office tasks such as reservations, marketing management, guest relations management, and more.

How Much Does A Motel Management System Cost?

A motel management system can be costly. The amount of money to rent a system varies depending on the size, type, and a number of locations to manage. On average, this costs between $3000 – $20000 per year or more for larger systems. 

What Is Motel Accounting Software?

Motel accounting software helps businesses in a number of ways to make running a motel easier for managers who might have no previous experience in hospitality or business before starting their motel-related business venture.

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