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ERP software for small businesses is a new technology that has rapidly gained popularity around the world. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is used by companies larger than 5-10 people. They help save time and money while also cutting down on mistakes made by people in departments such as accounting and sales. 

erp software for small business

ERP software for small businesses can be a great tool as long as it is appropriately implemented. The company has an effective data infrastructure to make use of the software. Below you can find the list of best ERP software for small businesses available on the market with its pros and cons.

Top 5 ERP Software For Small Business

ERP Software For Small Business Reviews

1. Best Overall: NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP software solution that helps small businesses manage their financial, operational, and customer service operations efficiently. The software can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device. NetSuite allows users to make decisions for the business, making it easier to fulfill customer orders and produce faster sales.

NetSuite offers a suite of powerful features that allow for quick customization so businesses can serve their customers in their preferred way, no matter what industry they are in. Features such as business resource planning, invoicing, and accounting are found in this online toolset explicitly designed for small firms.

NetSuite Review

The website claims that NetSuite’s online solution is easy to use and offers many valuable features that make running a business easier.

NetSuite Features


NetSuite allows you to take your company in whichever direction you want, keeping the business running smoothly. You can tailor the software to meet your needs. You are also in complete control of managing your data; all changes can be made online or from within the application. 

Online interactions with customers and suppliers can be handled swiftly via email or phone calls using this software. The software’s interface for customer service is extremely user-friendly, making it easy for customers to contact individual staff members without having to rely on a call center operation.


The program features an easy-to-understand interface that makes the software easy to use, even for the inexperienced. The NetSuite programs’ features make it simple to make decisions whenever necessary, so you are never left in the dark in terms of financial information.


NetSuite’s software is adaptable to fit your company’s size and needs. Start with a trial version and scale-up however you want. This program can handle thousands of orders a day without any problem.

2. Best for Budgeting: SAP

SAP SAP logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you’re looking for great ERP software to help your small business grow, SAP can give you the tools you need. They are a company that is dedicated to providing software and services for both the public and private sectors. 

This means they have loads of experience since they’ve been working with enterprise-level businesses for years. They have also been around for over four decades now, which helps them know what kind of software a small business needs.

SAP Review

To get the software done correctly, they have an expert team that understands what it takes to make the software work. This means that installation is simple, so you can get right to work. 

Their ERP software is also easy to use and manage, but more importantly, it’s built with a focus on your needs. So you can adjust the features of the software as needed since they know what you need from day-to-day operations.

3. Best for Streamline Routine: Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Sage Intacct logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Sage Intacct software is the perfect option for small business owners looking to run an efficient, smooth, and cash-flowing operation. With a user-friendly interface and versatile features that range from sales management to financial forecasting, this software is a must-have for any startup. It’s also important to note that the company offers 24/7 support via phone or email.

Sage Intacct Review

From business planning and inventory management to customer relationship management [CRM] and human resources, the feature list goes on. The software provides comprehensive functionality that can help your business in various roles. For example, for sales, there are multiple options for you to choose from. These include the following:


Reports that show data across all sales categories. This includes data such as order history and forecasts. You can further customize these reports as you wish.

Sales Quotas

Reports that show the number of opportunities that have been closed, as well as the sales quota for each sales rep.

Sales History

Generates a history report for each sale, including items sold and total revenue. Further reports can also be added to your customizing needs.

Standardized Reporting

Provides standard reports across all accounts, including key statistics such as last year’s differences from this year.

4. Best for Control Costs: Acumatica

Acumatica Acumatica logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Acumatica is an ERP software for small businesses. It is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution that provides accounting and business management tools to help businesses of all sizes manage their way to profitability from the very first day. It is a robust, user-friendly, and web-based system that allows small businesses to save time, effort, and money by providing all the tools required to run a day-to-day business efficiently.

Acumatica Review

Acumatica Features

Accounting and Finance Management

Accounting and finance management is the core of any business. It enables you to keep your business information in real-time while reducing the risk of errors. Therefore, every business owner needs to have a robust accounting solution that provides complete control over all business financial activities.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the backbone of any manufacturing business. Control over inventory levels, daily sales, and purchases are crucial for your business to be profitable. Acumatica provides a web-based, multi-user inventory management platform that allows businesses to create different categories of items, set up values, assign costs and manage inventories in an organized manner.

Trade And Marketing Management

This is an important part of any business model. It enables you to manage your business’s activities such as purchases, sales, payments, suppliers, and customers in a centralized manner.

5. Best for Sales Force Automation: Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Bitrix24 logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular and affordable cloud-based business management software. It’s a versatile solution that offers plenty of features, including project management, CRM, eCommerce, invoicing, and reporting. 

This system also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android to help prevent lost business while on the go. With Bitrix24, you can take your company to the next level with ease because you can manage everything from one platform!

Bitrix24 Review

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based business management software that gives users a wide range of tools to run their business effectively. It is feature-packed and includes an intuitive dashboard, team collaboration options, communication apps, project management tools, CRM, inventory and eCommerce, invoicing, and reporting.

Bitrix24 isn’t just one product; it’s a suite of products that businesses need to run their operations smoothly. Bitrix24 also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to help keep your employee productive while on the go. With Bitrix24, you can take your company to the next level by making you more efficient and improving your overall business processes.

All Plans Include

  • Unlimited free users.
  • Communications.
  • Planning/Projects.
  • Documents.
  • Collaboration.
  • Cloud or self-hosted.
  • Mobile ERI.
  • API and marketplace.
  • Fully featured CRM.
  • Access rights.
  • Quotes & Invoices.
  • Sales reports.
  • Sales automation.
  • Email marketing.

Buyer’s Guide

Many programs can be used for ERP software for small businesses, but most companies will use different programs depending on their business structure. Some of the software categories are accounting, order processing, inventory control, point-of-sale management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management, and human resource management.

ERP Software For Small Businesses Buyer’s Guide

With the different software programs available, the company can use its software and hardware to complete various options for their business. The main need with any ERP software for small businesses is to ensure that all of the data is transferred properly from one system to the next. 

If the data is not transferred correctly, it cannot be used in its entirety, which means that any benefits will be lost by not optimizing it. To choose the right ERP software for your business, you need to deep into its benefits.

What Is ERP Software For Small Businesses?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a new kind of business software being used by small businesses. When they hear the term ERP, the first thing people think about is a big company like General Motors or another major manufacturer with a huge inventory and lots of employees.

While this software may have been designed for large companies, it can be used for small businesses. Many companies use this kind of software to make their business easier to run with fewer mistakes on every level.

Benefits Of ERP Software For Small Businesses

There are many benefits associated with using ERP software for small businesses. The first benefit will come from reduced costs as each branch of a company has access to updates and new products quickly. This means that any customizations or technology will be updated quickly.

Benefits Of ERP Software For Small Businesses

The other thing that this kind of software is excellent at is reducing errors in the system. Imagine purchasing a product for your business, then later finding out that you bought the wrong one by accident or by mistake in some way? That can be avoided with the use of ERP software for small businesses. If there is a problem with something, it can easily be fixed before it becomes a more significant issue because errors can be fixed relatively quickly.

Another benefit is time-saving while also cutting down on mistakes made by people in the accounting department. One of the most significant benefits of ERP for businesses is that there are so many different programs available now that can be used for any type of business without paying hundreds or thousands for an all-in-one package.


Is ERP Good For Small Businesses?

ERP is a crucial component of a company’s success. It allows businesses to run smoothly by providing decision-makers the necessary information they need and making the right moves at the right time. When implemented correctly, ERP can offer many benefits such as increased productivity through more efficient data processing and storage methods, better inventory control through visibility into supply chain history, and tracking product availability on multiple levels within a company.

What Is Mini ERP System?

A mini ERP system is a customized small business management software designed for small and medium enterprises. It can be installed on either a PC or through the cloud, and it’s lightweight enough for quick installation. 

What Is The Best ERP For Small Businesses?

There are many different ERPs, or Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, for small businesses to try. But most small companies use NetSuite software as it satisfies most business needs.

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