CRM Software For Small Business

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The CRM software market is large and growing. There are many CRM software for small business available in the market today. These systems help companies to communicate with their customers more efficiently than ever before. 

No matter, application or platform, is a system that automates and streamlines a company’s sales, marketing, service, and support functions. It is used to manage everything from customer information to customer orders. CRM software is expanding as companies recognize the need for more efficient ways of tracking customer interactions and records.

CRM Software For Small Business

Below you can find the list of best CRM software for small businesses available on the market with its pros and cons. You will also learn about software benefits and things to consider while choosing the best system for your needs.

Top 5 CRM Software For Small Business

CRM Software For Small Business Reviews

1. Best Overall: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Zoho CRM logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Zoho CRM is an online contact management system for small business professionals who want to get things done in the cloud. With Zoho CRM, you can import your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, or social media sites and maintain their records, including email conversations, activity items, and case notes. You can also create various projects and monitor progress with ease.

Zoho CRM Review

Its emphasis is on speed and ease of use, an appropriate combination for small businesses. Zoho CRM has a familiar user interface in the form of a dashboard from which you can log in and work with your know-how.

The difference is that it’s fully integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar, and SharePoint, which means it offers more features for you to manage your business efficiently. It includes case management, contact management, activity management, and group creation, to name just a few. With the help of templates to make the process easier, you can create emails in just a few clicks.

Pricing Plans

  • Standard – €14/user/month billed annually.
  • Professional – €23/user/month billed annually.
  • Enterprise – €40/user/month billed annually.
  • Ultimate – €52/user/month billed annually.

2. Best Customer Support: HubSpot

HubSpot HubSpot logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

HubSpot CRM is a sales and marketing solution for small businesses. It’s used by over 120,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It replaces the need to manage leads and prospects manually by automating the process with email, social media, mobile apps, and more. 

HubSpot Review

HubSpot CRM Features

The software offers many useful features for business.


Tasks help you stay on top of what needs to be done with each contact or lead in your HubSpot CRM system, including sending emails, adding notes to contacts/leads or accounts/opportunities records. You can also set reminders for tasks so that they don’t slip your mind after they’ve been assigned. 


Pipeline provides visibility into all of your contacts, leads, and opportunities. You can drag and drop a lead or contact into any stage in the channel to help keep track of their progress. Easily add notes like “Call John tomorrow to move them to the next stage.” 


HubSpot CRM gives you access to almost instant information about what’s going on with your leads and contacts.


Reports in HubSpot CRM help you look at contact, lead, and opportunity data from multiple angles, including how many have been contacted for the first time, how many have reached out to you first, whether they’ve done business with you before or not.

3. Best For Small Businesses B2B: Salesflare

Salesflare Salesflare logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Salesflare is a sales CRM that helps business owners work smarter by automating customer interactions. As a sales CRM, Salesflare automatically tracks all of your prospects and customers as they interact with you, helping you to nurture relationships and close more deals faster.

With the Salesflare Dashboard, you can easily manage all of your leads and contacts. Create smart lists, so you always know who you need to be contacting. You can also add custom fields so you can track additional information about your contacts and leads.

Salesflare Review

Create service tickets for issues that multiple customers may be experiencing. Track support cases, calls, emails, or social media interactions in one place for each customer issue.

In the Sales section of the Dashboard, create events that reflect your sales process. Inside the sale event, add tasks related to that event so you remember all the steps needed to complete the sales process. For example, create a new prospect event when a new lead is created. That way, you know exactly where to begin from the beginning of the sales process.

The Salesflare software also creates customer emails based on what you put into your contacts and leads. You can use these emails to send reminders, updates, or even special offers to your customers. And because Salesflare has custom fields, you can even add custom messages tailored for each contact or lead.

Pricing Plans

  • Growth – $29 per user/month (billed annually); $35 billed monthly.
  • Pro – $49 per user/month (billed annually); $55 billed monthly.
  • Enterprise – $99 per user/month (billed annually).

All Plans Include

  • Automate your CRM data input.
  • Track emails, links, and website visits.
  • Use a fully-featured email sidebar & mobile app.
  • Send personalized email campaigns.
  • Send workflows of multiple emails.
  • Set user permissions.
  • Create custom dashboards.
  • Dedicated account manager.

4. Best For Sales Force Automation: Pipedrive

Pipedrive Pipedrive logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Pipedrive is a user-friendly way for small businesses to access invoices and manage their sales pipeline. With its key features and a free trial, it’s easy to see why the software has a lot to offer aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s compatible with both Windows and Macs; on top of this, it has an easy-to-navigate interface, making it mobile-friendly.

Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive Key Features

Multi-currency support.


Sales reports.

Data sync with QuickBooks online.

Bulk CSV importing, and many more.

Pricing Plans

  • Essential – €12.50.
  • Advanced – €24.90.
  • Professional – €49.90.
  • Enterprise – €99.00.

All Plans Include

  • GDPR-compliant.
  • 24/7 support (chat & email).
  • iOS + Android mobile apps.
  • 150+ apps & integrations.
  • US & EU data centers.
  • Open API.

5. Best For Nonprofit: Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

A lot of small businesses are still using pen and paper to do their books. And though it may seem like the old-fashioned way to go, there’s a good reason for pen and paper’s staying power. Namely, usability.

That’s not to say that the old-fashioned way is the most efficient, though. Some people don’t mind spending time tracking their business’ finances by hand every month or week; others have no interest in doing so because they can’t be bothered with bookkeeping tasks despite how crucial they are for a company’s success.

Salesforce Service Cloud Review

But the old-fashioned way isn’t the only option for small businesses. There are plenty of web-based products that can take the place of pen and paper when it comes to tracking expenses or managing finances.

Salesforce Service Cloud is one such product. It’s a cloud-based service that allows small businesses to do their books, manage finances, and more, all from a web browser. Though it’s relatively new on the scene compared to other offerings like QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting, Salesforce Service Cloud is growing in popularity because it provides a convenient, flexible accounting tool for small business owners who need one-stop solutions for their operations.

Salesforce Features

  • Tracks sales from multiple sales channels and allows for real-time communication between sales reps, customers, and admins.
  • Record expenses in a user-friendly way, so that small business owners can keep track of what they’re spending money on.
  • Allows for easy product tracking, including inventory management. Inventory is automatically updated when prices change or when new items are added to the store.
  • Allows for flexible pricing; different price tiers are ideal for different customer types (for instance, if you run a chain of hair salons, you can charge more to clients who have longer appointments).

Salesforce Service Cloud has plenty of features that make it an efficient tool for managing your business needs.

Buyer’s Guide

Businesses are always in need of a better system to manage company operations. In today’s fast-paced business world, this is essential for the success of any firm. With all the different software options available today, selecting the right system for your business can be daunting and may seem like an overwhelming task. 

CRM Software For Small Business  Buyer’s Guide

There are many things to consider when choosing a CRM solution. What you need will depend on several factors, such as your current business process, data status, and company objectives. However, there are some basic things you should keep in mind when selecting a CRM system.

What Is CRM Software For Small Business?

CRM software is a platform that helps companies manage and interact with their customers using various channels. It is a software product that gathers customer data from multiple sources, such as email, voice mail, social networking sites, and mobile devices. CRM systems streamline the interaction between a company and its customers by managing these tasks in an integrated process. 

As opposed to just helping businesses grow through customer acquisition, these systems also help retain existing customers by sending more targeted promotions and offers to the people they want to reach.

CRM can be used to manage all aspects of a business, including sales and marketing, service contact management, customer support interactions, and workflows related to these functions. It provides a central location for all customer data that can be used to track customer interactions easily and enable real-time decision-making.

Benefits Of CRM Software For Small Business

Companies of all sizes are increasingly using CRM software to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve better sales performance. There are several benefits to having a CRM system in place.

Benefits Of CRM Software For Small Business

Personalized Customer Service

A personalized and targeted marketing approach can help generate increased revenue by delivering more relevant content such as emails, social media posts, customized webpages, and offers to the right set of customers at the right time. It is important to keep your customers updated on what you have to provide not to feel like you are neglecting them and eventually stop doing business with you.

Increased Sales Lead Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of a CRM system is how it helps businesses generate more sales leads. This is achieved by achieving better data tracking and following up with your customers. The system allows you to keep track of customers, target them with relevant content and follow up via email or phone, offering them more customized services at a time when they need it most.

Better Decision Making

A good CRM solution is essential for running a successful business. It allows you to capture data from different sources such as email, social media, mobile apps, and other devices and analyze them in one place. This gives your company the ability to better determine your customers’ needs and reach out at the right time with personalized service or products. You will also provide a more efficient customer experience by analyzing customer data in real-time and taking appropriate action when needed.

Better Team Management

CRM systems allow you to manage projects and tasks assigned to different team members more efficiently, thus helping you reduce staff turnover rates as well as increase business performance. You will be able to assign tasks and monitor the progress of each job, providing you with a visual representation of what everybody is working on in one place.


What Is The Best CRM Software For Small Business?

The best CRM software is the software that works best for your business and has the most features. I would recommend Zoho CRM because it has all of the low-level functionalities that a company needs and the ability to produce reports and graphs about your sales performance.

Is CRM Useful For Small Business?

Yes! A CRM system is just as crucial for a small business as it is for an enterprise. There are many reasons why you should care about a CRM system. Your CRM helps you keep track of leads and contact information, know what your customers are asking or interested in buying, and easily manage your sales process, which will help with efficiency.

Is Zoho CRM Good For Small Business?

Yes! Zoho CRM has many features that are designed for small businesses. They include the ability to create custom fields, business processes, and workflow automation. If you want an affordable CRM that can handle most tasks while still having very high-quality software features, then Zoho CRM is your best bet.

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