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Construction accounting is tedious work. It takes time for the construction accountant to gather all the information, write it down, and then send it to the company that needs these numbers. With construction accounting software, the process of accounting becomes much easier. 

The construction company can be aware of how much money is being spent on each project quickly through an online account or app. This article will teach you what you need to know about constructing accounting software and how it can change your business’s life for the better.

Best Construction Accounting Software

Our Top 5 Best Construction Accounting Software

Best Construction Accounting Software Reviews

1. Best Overall: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The construction industry is one of the oldest and most necessary industries in the world. However, to keep up with technology and changes in legislation, construction companies need to properly account for everything. This starts with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise construction accounting software. 

When working on a project, especially projects that span many different locations with multiple stakeholders, it’s important to have an accounting system that can keep track of all the details and complexities involved. With QuickBooks Enterprise construction accounting software, you can have a comprehensive view of your financial records so that you can make accurate decisions about how much work needs to be done and where to allocate your resources to optimize efficiency and productivity. This program consists of many different features that make it unique and efficient.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Review

Main Benefits

The construction industry is very important to the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, it’s usually an all-out catastrophe where countless hours of work are lost and much money is spent. With QuickBooks Enterprise construction accounting software, you can be sure that things are being accounted for correctly at all times, even if something does go wrong.

What’s more, it can also help you avoid loss and protect your company from fraud. QuickBooks Enterprise construction accounting software can build a database of all the information that you’ve gathered in your research from past projects so that when new projects arise, this information is already available for you to use easily. It can also help prevent fraud by providing automated checks to ensure that all of your numbers and data are correct before anything is sent off to an accountant or filed away in some database. 

This program also allows you to seamlessly integrate your software with your entire business so that any of the different departments involved in the project have access to the same records at all times.

2. Best Project Management Software: Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier Jonas Premier logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The Jonas Premier Construction Accounting Software is a world-class construction accounting software that has been utilized by many top companies and is used by top contractors. This system provides a robust set of features that will not only help your business run more efficiently but also be able to track and calculate all types of complex construction projects. 

Jonas Premier Review

Its easy-to-use interface makes equipment tracking, bids, estimating, invoicing, and payroll management simple for any level of experience. With Jonas Premier Construction Accounting Software, you can automate monthly calculations and send out professional invoices with an email billing system.

Jonas Premier construction accounting software is a perfect choice for any contractor business, including construction management, civil engineering, architecture, HVAC, and electrical contractors.

3. Best Quality of Support: Procore

Procore Software Procore Software logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The Procore Construction Accounting Software is an innovative solution designed to improve the field of construction accounting. It can also help with business tasks such as estimating, bidding, project management, and remote collaboration. With this software, users can connect their company to the industry’s leading cloud-based platform and access all relevant data in real-time.

Procore Review

However, the developers made it easy for users to adapt it to their own needs and create an accounting system based on their own needs. This meant that, without any modification, they could start using the software immediately without having to re-learn the basics.

Benefits of the Procore Construction Accounting Software

The main benefits of using this software are that it can provide a complete solution for construction data management. It can store all necessary information in a single application and can be used as a general accounting system for all construction projects at a company. It can also streamline the day-to-day accounting tasks and provide transparency for all involved parties.

Features of the Procore Construction Accounting Software

The main features of this software are its flexibility, ease of use, and availability. It can be used in the following ways: by construction companies on their premises or at a central location with access to all necessary tools; by companies or authorities that need to improve their accounting function; by experts who want to use it as a training tool; or, by external parties that require it for their services to be provided.

4. Best for Beginners: Buildertrend

BuilderTREND BuilderTREND logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Buildertrend is an innovative construction accounting software company. They offer a cloud-based construction accounting system designed for the needs of contractors, subcontractors, and their customers, which includes users with limited technical ability. 

The product allows businesses to process, manage and report information about their projects from start to finish in one place. By creating a 360-degree view of their operations and allowing users to monitor costs and profits, Buildertrend’s software can help contractors deliver more efficient construction projects.

Buildertrend Review

Key Benefits

The company has a streamlined interface that gives users access to all the information they need in one spot. The system is easy to navigate, intuitive and reliable. Monthly reports can be viewed by income statement, balance sheet, or a combination of the two. A variety of custom reports can also be created for comparison against industry averages. 

Businesses can import and export data using multiple file formats. For a higher level of control, advanced features such as quotes management can be configured by individual contractor accounts or contractors as a whole.

5. Best for Growing Businesses: Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor Construction Accounting Software is an accounting package for construction companies to manage all their payments and expenses. The software takes care of payroll, billing, invoicing, inventory control, job costing, and project management. Sage 100 Contractor Construction Accounting Software is one of the best construction accounting software for construction companies and their employees.

Sage 100 Contractor Review

Main Features

  • Contact management.
  • Document management.
  • Job costing and project management.
  • Billing and payment management (including payroll, sales tax, VAT, petty cash, and payment vouchers).
  • Accounts receivable accrual budgeting and forecasting.
  • Inventory control and maintenance of purchase order record with multiple suppliers.
  • Production cycle monitoring is an automatic process.
  • Profit and loss account statement and balance sheet management with budgets and variances. 
  • Sales analysis and reporting by customer, salesperson, employee, or job. 
  • VAT returns management (including electronic invoicing system).
  • Reports generation for customers and suppliers.

Buyer’s Guide

After reading this article, you will choose the best construction accounting software for your business. You will also learn from its mistakes and what to look for when selecting such a powerful tool. 

This buyer’s guide will help you find the right construction accounting software that’s perfect for your business or organization. 

What Is Construction Accounting Software?

Construction accounting is the process of tracking all the incoming and outgoing money from a construction company. This includes both the costs of the materials and equipment used in a particular project and all the labor costs associated with it. It can be quite tedious, time-consuming, and confusing for someone to do this job by himself or herself. Construction accounting software can allow you to easily track these expenses, making your life a lot easier and making your business more efficient.

What Is Construction Accounting Software?

Why Do You Need Construction Accounting Software?

You need construction accounting software to make sure everything is being done correctly for your business. If you have construction accounting software, it will be easy to follow all the latest laws and regulations for your industry. It will also allow you to easily communicate with the governmental bodies that can cause your business problems if not dealt with properly. 

Benefits Of Construction Accounting Software

If you have a construction company, there are multiple ways that you can use to keep your finances in line. Accounting software is one of the best and most popular methods, as it helps balance your records and offers numerous benefits. Take a look at these six benefits of construction accounting software to learn more.

  1. Organization: Construction accounting software will automatically organize and categorize all financial transactions so that you can see where all of your money is going. This organization will eliminate the need for hours of manual data entry hours, which saves time overall. 
  2. Reduced Accounting Errors: Using accounting software means that the records will be correct without any human error on behalf of the accountant or bookkeeper inputting information by hand.
  3. Data Validation: Construction accounting software will handle the data validation for you automatically. You won’t have to worry about accidentally entering an incorrect date or number due to it being held for you.
  4. Up-To-Date Financial Records: Your financial records will be up-to-date all of the time so that you always know where your money is going.
  5. Accessibility: You can access these construction accounting software programs from wherever you are with an Internet connection, rather than having to go into a physical office and look through files in person.
  6. Faster Financial Reports: Your accounting software will automatically create any financial reports for you.

Construction Accounting Software Features

Features of this accounting software may vary depending on the developer and can include breakdown progress status for each task; detailed project planning from cost estimation through to budgeting and resource utilization analysis; production control with historical records available to the end-user; project progress status reports including monthly, quarterly, or after-tax profit analysis and other key performance indicators (KPIs); and cost reporting with a snapshot of current financial conditions for all projects.


Is Quickbooks Good For Construction?

Construction companies use Quickbooks to help with the accounting and bookkeeping for their construction work. This is software that enables you to manage your accounting and financial needs of your business. It’s beneficial if you’re in construction because it gathers all the information associated with the construction work, such as invoices and payments, into one place.

How Do You Estimate Construction Costs?

Construction costs are a tricky thing to calculate. There are so many different factors at play between the materials, the contractor, and the size of the project that it’s always best to have a reasonable estimate before you get started. Fortunately, advances in computer technology have made estimating construction costs easier than ever with accounting software. 

Are Constructors Use Accounting Software?

Some companies are required by law to use accounting software, while others may choose to use it for increased productivity and efficiency. Accounting software allows businesses to save time and money on routine tasks. It can also help them avoid mistakes that can be costly in both the short term and long term. So the answer is yes, constructors should be using accounting software with their construction business.

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