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There is so much accounting software available on the market that it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one. There are also some good free options, but they can be complicated and difficult to use, or without support. If you are a contractor, you are in the right place.

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Best Accountint Software for Contractors

We have searched the market to find the best software for both small businesses and contractors. The following software, being affordable, has all the features you need to run your business.

Our Top 5 Accounting Software for Contractors

We’ve put together a list of our top five accounting software options for contractors. There won’t be the most expensive products in each category, but some of the most popular solutions with the best prices. Picking the right accounting software for your business is about finding one that’s affordable, compatible with your accounting program, and has features you’ll actually use.

Construction firms using software programs. 68% for projecting financials
Construction firms using software programs: 68% use accounting software for projecting financials

1. Sage 100 Contractor – Best Overall

Sage 100 Contractor Homepage
Sage 100 Contractor homepage

Sage 100 Contractor is ideal for construction companies that have outgrown basic accounting software. The business management and accounting system work well for small and midsize businesses. It helps with invoicing, purchase orders, and cash and payroll management. Sage 100 Contractor can be used for job costing, preparing estimates and quotes, forecasting, budgeting, and receivables.

You get access to a broad network of experts for industry-specific tasks, including electrical work, and even plumbing. The accounting program is highly customizable and comes with a variety of templates. The program is easy to learn and use. The software has the ability to do a comparative budget. It also has the ability to track material costs.

Why use Sage 100 Contractor for your construction business?

  1. Easy to use and easy to learn
  2. Key reports are automatically emailed at scheduled intervals.
  3. You can easily transfer information from QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets into Sage 100 Contractor.
  4. Excellent support from experts who specifically support construction companies
  5. Sage 100 Contractor gives the ability to set up the right pay groups to each job, get union reports, certified payrolls, and worker’s compensation
  6. Reports are automatically generated from the system

2. Jonas Enterprise – Best for Construction Scheduling Software

Jonas Enterprise Homepage

Jonas Enterprise is one of the most popular construction management software options, as it is specifically designed around construction-specific tasks. It is used in over 40 countries, as a way to manage and track projects. It has a fully integrated project management solution, making it easy to manage not only the schedule but also the budget and project risks.

Jonas Enterprise Jonas Enterprise logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

It best suits Mechanical Contractors, HVAC & Plumbing Contractors, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, and Specialty Trade Contractors. Jonas Enterprise can help you, inter alia, with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Payroll Direct Deposit, etc.

3. BuilderTREND – Best for Beginners

BuilderTrend Homepage
BuilderTrend Homepage

BuilderTREND, for example, is a software package designed to help construct homes, and it was built with beginners in mind. It can be useful for homebuilders, remodelers, specialty contractors, commercial contractors. Via BuilderTREND the following can be facilitated for your convenience: pre-sales process, project management, financial tools, customer management.

BuilderTREND BuilderTREND logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The home builder professionals at BuilderTREND review construction industry products to make your job easier. The site’s builder-specific products and guides will help you save time and money.

4. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise – Best for Small Business

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Homepage
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Homepage

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise accounting software has been around for a long time now and is generally considered one of the best accounting packages available. It has all the features one might expect of such a product and is used by a huge range of small businesses, from plumbers to management consultants.

The software boasts a range of applications from invoicing and sales reports to inventory management and payroll. Customers have rated it highly and are generally very happy with it. The following features are made available using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: advanced inventory, advanced pricing, advanced reporting, field service management, order management, job costing, hosting, etc.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Why use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for your construction business?

  1. Includes more than 200 built-in reports, including 70 industry-specific reports, including Sales by City, Job Type, Sales by Item Year Over Year. With customizable reports,ч you can see the profitability by sales rep, geography, customer fields, and more.
  2. Advanced Reporting tool lets you easily visualize all the data in easy-to-understand graphs and dashboards.
  3. Includes budgeting and forecasting tools.
  4. Comes in a package with inventory management software, payroll software, and more.

5. Procore Software – Best Project Management Software

Procore Software Homepage
Procore homepage

Procore is a cloud-based project management software that is used by construction companies to manage their projects. It’s the most popular solution for project management and software in the construction industry.

Procore Software Procore Software logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

As a project management tool, Procore enables the management of projects from the start, all the way through to the end. This includes managing tasks, managing contacts for the project, and tracking budgets. This is an easy-to-use software that is designed to be very user-friendly. Owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and the public sector can enjoy it.

Guide to Purchasing the Top Accounting Software

Accounting software is a powerful tool for small business owners, but it can also be a difficult investment to make. Do you need a single solution to handle all your accounting needs? Or would a multi-purpose accounting software package be more efficient? Do you need a hosted solution instead? Or is your accounting firm better off with a portable solution? Do you need a basic accounting software package, or is payroll functionality a must-have? Whichever accounting software solution you choose, it’s important to make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve created this buyer’s guide.

Five Tips to Help You Select the Right Accounting Software for Your Company:

  • Create a list of requirements – before you can begin evaluating accounting software, you must know exactly what your business needs.
  • Figure out who’s going to use it.
  • Decide what features you absolutely must have in your new software package.
  • Then you should figure out how much money you want to spend.
  • Finally, you should also check for licensing and support options.

Moreover, when selecting the accounting software you have to keep in mind the user interface, and the scalability for your growing business, and how many people will use the software. Your business’s size and industry will also affect your selection, but primarily you need to find the software with the features and capabilities that best fit your business.

Accounting Software: Pros and Cons

Accounting software helps contractors perform financial functions by automating and eliminating repetitive tasks. Accounting software also helps by saving time and increasing the accuracy of financial information. There are three main types of accounting software: accounting software for contractors, accounting software for small businesses, accounting software for enterprises. All of them can help save time and money.

The major disadvantage of accounting software is that it requires a high level of technical knowledge in order to properly use it. At the same time, the accounting software could be expensive.

What Else is Important While Looking for the Best Accounting Software

If you’re a sole proprietor, then you need a different kind of software than what you would need if you were a large corporation. The kind of business you are in would be the foremost thing to consider. We should also not just look at the price. The free accounting software available could be great, but they may not have great customer support.

When you are looking for accounting software, it is never enough to look at the number of features, you also need to consider the financial management abilities of the software. Having the right accounting software will allow you to have the best control over your finances, keep track of important financial issues, and enjoy its benefits.

Taking Advantages of the Right Accounting Software

The right accounting software will help you track your financial activities in an easy and convenient manner. The software is also designed to be able to export and import data to and from several financial management systems.

Good accounting software increases accuracy, efficiency, and inventory control, which help to boost profits and keep your business running smoothly. It is not just for large corporations with a lot of employees, but also for small businesses that need the help of such software in order to stay afloat in a very competitive marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions: Accounting Software for Contractors

As a contractor, you’ll have to deal with a lot of paperwork. This includes keeping track of all your income and expenses, billable hours, and taxes, as well as filing your taxes and other documents with the government. All this paperwork can be a lot to handle, which is why accounting software for contractors is so useful.

There are a lot of great benefits to using accounting software, but it’s important to remember that they’re not a cure-all for your business. Before you buy accounting software, make sure you know the answers to these frequently asked questions.

How Can Accounting Software Help Me?

The software you choose to help your business manage money is very important. You may be aware that many companies offer accounting software for contractors. These programs can help you to be more organized, reduce the time you spend on your books, and ensure that you avoid paying more taxes than you have to.

Should the Contractors Have the Accounting Software?

More and more businesses are looking to use accounting software since it’s an invaluable tool for getting organized and helping you to be more productive. Good accounting software can track and organize your finances, making it easier for you to understand where your business stands financially and where you need to make adjustments.
So, some contractors are very interested in accounting software. Others are completely indifferent and don’t want to learn accounting software. But, It is good for them to have accounting software to help them manage their projects.

Cloud or Desktop Accounting Software?

Many business owners wonder whether it’s better to spend their money on cloud or desktop accounting software. The answer to that question depends on a number of factors. For example, one of your primary considerations should be your own comfort level. Do you like working on the web? If so, a web-based package might be a better fit for your business. Cloud-based software is the wave of the future. It is easier to use and has many more features than desktop software.

What Accounting Software Should Home Builders Use?

BuilderTREND is accounting software for builders that makes it easy for you to create custom contracts and quotes, understand your profit and loss and manage your accounts payable and receivable. With a simple, intuitive look and feel, it is the most popular accounting software for contractors.

Our Verdict

In conclusion it should be mentioned that we offer accounting software programs available to businesses of all sizes. It is designed specifically for contractors in trades like construction, landscaping, and home repair, and is one of the few accounting software packages that is actually built “in” to the software itself, rather than being a separate program. The best part? Software we suggest is user-friendly, affordable, and designed to take the confusion out of accounting and bookkeeping for contractors.

By using the said software, you will be able to keep your business on the right track, ensuring that you are able to grow and continue to succeed. The software can help you manage your cash flow, the employees, and all the other different aspects of your business.

There is no Need to Wait

The software we recommend has been reviewed by actual users who have found it to be the easiest to use. You can have accounting software that helps you do your books, manage projects, send invoices, and analyze your finances. You can also have accounting software that helps you grow your business, hire and manage, and track your time and attendance. The choice is yours.

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