Best Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits

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There are over 8 million small nonprofits in the United States alone, so it can be hard to find the right accounting software that you need to keep track of your finances.

The small non-profit sector has its own unique needs and challenges that other organizations may not face. For example, the average nonprofit spends around 60% of its budget on administration. 

Best Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits

This is a significant expense for most organizations, but even more so for a small organization that may only have a handful of people to help run everything. 

Accounting software is not just for large companies. There are excellent and affordable apps that work just fine for your group’s needs. Our team has reviewed almost every accounting software for nonprofits to provide you the complete information.

Our Top 5 Best Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits

Best Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits Reviews

1. Best Overall: ACCOUNTS from Software4Nonprofits

ACCOUNTS from Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS from Software4Nonprofits logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Nonprofit organizations are doing more with less than ever before. Modern technology has made it possible to create a quality product for much less money. One of the many beneficiaries of this trend is nonprofits who need accounting software but can’t afford an expensive system.

Software4Nonprofits is a company that offers affordable solutions for nonprofit organizations and small businesses alike, including accounting software that’s designed specifically for smaller nonprofits, like a food pantry or homeless shelter. 

ACCOUNTS from Software4Nonprofits Review

This software is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every nonprofit, however. You’ll need to know what your organization needs to make the best use of this program.

Software4Nonprofits offers several different software packages appropriate for different types of nonprofits. For example, the Accounting Online package is suitable for organizations that need a simple accounting package with limited reporting options.

2. Best Customizable Option: Aplos

Aplos Aplos logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Aplos is accounting software specifically designed for small nonprofits. With this program, you can track your spending with ease and keep your finances organized, so you can focus on what’s most important: your mission.

Aplos offers a modern interface with easy-to-use tools that let you manage all of your expenses in one place without any hassle. In addition, this software helps make sure that nothing is overlooked when tracking donations and receipts, no matter how large or small the nonprofit is. By allowing nonprofits to keep track of all donations and receipts easily, Aplos can help you save time and money.

Aplos Review

Aplos is cloud-based accounting software designed for SaaS. It has a modern interface that is easy to use from any device. With its tools, nonprofits can track expenses and donations in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any important details. 

You can also set alarms, so you will know when an expense or donation needs attention. In addition, Aplos offers unlimited users and unlimited accounts, so your whole team can access all of your financial data from anywhere at any time.

3. Best Automation: Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense Zoho Expense logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you’re like many small nonprofits, you don’t have the budget for a full-time accountant. In these cases, using Zoho Expense might be a good option for your small business because it’s affordable and allows you to track expenses quickly and easily. This article will give you an overview of what this software includes and how it can benefit your nonprofit without breaking the bank.

Zoho is one of the most reliable software companies on the market today, with well over 100 million users across their platforms in 155 countries. Using their app or desktop platform is easy enough for almost anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to use new programs. It’s also easy to set up and use, and the user interface is well-designed for those familiar with the way an expense tracker works.

Zoho Expense Review

Although Zoho Expense doesn’t offer a personalized or professional accounting system, it’s perfect for many small nonprofits because it can be used by people with experience in running an organization and those who are new to this area of work. In addition, it makes tracking expenses simpler and saves you both time and money, which can even result in more money when your nonprofit is successful.

4. Best for Affordability and Plan Options: QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

So, you’re a small nonprofit and need an accounting solution to manage your finances? Nonprofits often have a lot of moving parts that are all on the move at the same time. As an administrator, you might not know where to start in finding solutions for your business. QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit (QBE) is designed for small nonprofits and has all the features you need to manage your organization’s money, assets, payroll, inventory, reports, and taxes.

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Review

Although QBE is part of the Quickbooks Enterprise product line, it has enough features to qualify for its product review. This review will focus on the key features that are missing in other small nonprofit accounting solutions.

5. Best Range Of Features: NonProfit Plus

NonProfit Plus NonProfit Plus logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

NonProfit Plus is software that helps over 3,000 nonprofit organizations across hundreds of countries with their accounting, donor management, financial analysis, and budgeting needs. It is not only easy to use by anyone who knows how to fill in a spreadsheet, but it’s also designed for people who don’t know how professional accounting works or for smaller nonprofits where it would take too much time for an accountant or someone with advanced knowledge on the subject to learn the program. 

It’s also affordable, so nonprofits can easily afford it without having too many resources tied up at one time in this software.

NonProfit Plus Review

NonProfit Plus Features

  • All essential accounting tools, including bank reconciliation, fixed asset tracking, invoice management, and many more.
  • Real-time secure online access to all data via computer or mobile device. No, IT knowledge is required to install it on your server or move it to the cloud. Everything is managed for you.
  • Donor management with fundraising reports and accessible online donation forms can be customized for each donor based on name, company, or special request. You can see who has donated and when but you also get reports that show how much you’ve raised through online donations and how much of those donations were cash gifts or pledges/pledges made in installments.

Buyer’s Guide

Don’t get lost in the sea of accounting software for small nonprofits and small business accounting. Instead, be proactive and explore what these various options have to offer. This buyers guide will introduce you to a few of the best accounting software for small nonprofits on the market today so that you can make a swift decision without wasting your time.

Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits  Buyer’s Guide

What Is Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits

Accounting is one of those areas where people often think it’s too tricky, but thankfully, there are many different types of accountancy software available to help out with this task.

One of the great things about most software applications is that they are relatively easy to use. The hardest thing you might need to do is decide which one is best for your nonprofit organization.


Is Quickbooks Good For Nonprofits?

Quickbooks is a perfect software for nonprofits. Quickbooks is accounting software that you can use when you are trying to track your financial records, business expenses, and ledgers. It can also generate invoices that can be sent out and payments made quickly and be able to track how your fundraising efforts are doing. 
If you’re looking for software that will help you keep track of all the money coming in and going out by tracking bills and donations, then Quickbooks might be what you need.

How Do Nonprofits Use Quickbooks?

Nonprofits use QuickBooks for various purposes, including counting their incoming revenue, record expenses and donations, track payroll information, and conduct financial audits.

How Is Nonprofit Accounting Different?

The most significant difference is that it’s not subject to any financial ratios because nonprofits aren’t looking for profit. While all companies must adhere to financial ratios such as return on investment, profit margin, and liquidity ratio (for example), nonprofits such as universities must focus on different metrics to fulfill their goals. Consequently, there are many different benchmarks for nonprofit accounts because there is no direct correlation with the performance of other business entities.

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