Best Accounting Software For Government Contractors

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A government contractor will need to understand how accounting software works before buying any accountancy system. However, with the publishing and private industry often vying to be the low-cost provider, it is usually down to the individual business owner or manager to ensure that they make informed decisions when navigating the minefield of accounting software.

Best Accounting Software For Government Contractors

This guide offers a brief look at how you can make the best use of accountancy systems for government contractors.

Our Top 5 Best Accounting Software For Government Contractors

Best Accounting Software For Government Contractors Reviews

1. Best Overall: Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The Salesforce Service Cloud delivers a complete set of cloud-based services that can help you run your entire business from one streamlined, integrated platform.

The Salesforce Service Cloud is packed with features that can help you run your entire business through the power of one simple, integrated platform. From customer service and order fulfillment to billing and accounting, the Salesforce Service Cloud offers everything you need to get more done in less time — so you have more time for what really matters.

Salesforce Service Cloud Review

It’s an integrated cloud-based business solution that is personalized for your business and optimized to help your team work more efficiently, achieve greater speed and accuracy, and save time. In addition, it includes best-in-class online customer self-service capabilities, which can help you engage with customers in real-time from anywhere.

2. Best for Project & Resource Planning: JAMIS Prime ERP

JAMIS Prime ERP JAMIS Prime ERP logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

The company JAMIS Prime has created an entirely new type of accounting software for government contractors. This software is called ERP. It includes all the features necessary to have an effective and efficient business model. 

This software was created with a specific goal in mind. That goal is to support government contractors to achieve their goals and get ahead of the rest of the industry. In addition, this new type of software was created with a vision for change. It is very different from the traditional accounting software that currently exists on the market for government contractors. 

JAMIS Prime ERP Review

It was designed with a complete state-of-the-art visual programming language. This language is based on an advanced form of object-oriented programming. It has been specifically created to address all the challenges that government contractors face. This technology offers speed, security, and flexibility that isn’t possible with the current traditional software on the market.

This new accounting software provides all the features you need to be successful as a government contractor, but it was also very easy to use.

3. Best Ease of Use: GovPilot

GovPilot GovPilot logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

GovPilot is a project management solution for governments, helping them to better manage and track their projects across the whole life cycle from bid to completion. The product integrates seamlessly with the core business processes of any government agency, such as financials, procurement, asset management, and human resources. In addition, GovPilot’s fit-for-purpose approach allows it to tailor its solutions to the specific requirements of every government agency or department.

GovPilot Review

With the cloud as a key focus, GovPilot supports multiple devices, built-in on-demand assistance, and low monthly costs. The fully integrated enterprise solution can be created through an online portal or a fully trained Solution Consultant.

4. Best Modern Interface: WrkPlan

WrkPlan WrkPlan logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you work for a government contractor, it’s important that the software you use is accurate and efficient. Though there are a number of exciting accounting programs on the market, WrkPlan can improve your business operations. In addition, this software offers other features like time tracking and contract management to make your life simple in many ways.

This software offers features for internal tracking, accounting, and reporting. The software provides essential accounting functions like maintaining labor hours and estimates and basic calendar tracking to monitor hours spent on tasks. It also tracks and documents all expenses paid by the contractor. 

WrkPlan Review

This flexibility allows contractors to keep track of money spent and project details easily. WrkPlan also enables the user to create a journal entry for each step of the project, giving a history of every dollar spent or taken away from the project budget.

5. Best for Small Businesses: PROCAS


Our rating: ★★★★★

PROCAS is accounting software that was designed exclusively for government contractors. Unlike other accounting software, this app has a clean user interface with preset pricing. It even includes features like electronic billing and ledger tracking. 

With the help of this app, you can track income and expenses in-app, too, making your taxes a breeze compared to old-fashioned methods such as paper journal entries.


PROCAS is one of the simplest accounting software you can use for your finances. You don’t need to spend hours trying to learn the software, making it more efficient for time-strapped contractors. The service even includes guided tutorials for new users if you are having trouble figuring out how to use PROCAS. The company also offers instructional video tutorials that show new users how to start using this product.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many different accountancy systems available to government contractors and the various levels of classification within government. This guide looks at some of the more commonly used systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore, it is important that before you buy any accounting system, you understand what you are looking for in a solution.

How To Choose Accounting Software For Government Contractors

While it is important to be aware of all of the different types of accounting systems available, it is also important to ensure that these are suitable for your business. This is particularly important if you have asked your accountancy software providers to help you understand how such solutions could work for your business.

When you are buying accounting software for your business, you should be aware of a number of things. This article offers a brief overview of some of the key points that need to be considered when buying an accounting system and highlights how such solutions can benefit your business.


What Accounting Software Does The Federal Government Use?

The Federal Government uses a variety of different accounting software to manage budgets and more. There’re many various agencies, each with their own needs for budgeting and finance. The US Treasury, for example, relies on Intuit QuickBooks Online to handle financials. The IRS Services use Oracle Financials Cloud Enterprise Edition to manage tax collection and management benefits.

What Is Government Contract Accounting?

Government contract accounting is a form of accounting that allows a business to comply with the federal government’s strict financial guidelines and regulations. This form of accounting aims to provide accurate financial information and reports for all expenditures made on behalf of the government.

What Is The Importance Of Government Accounting?

The importance of government accounting lies in its use as a tool for making decisions about how tax dollars are being spent and determining whether or not those funds are being used efficiently. It also helps ensure that organizations receive tax incentives they are entitled to according to law.

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