Best Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards

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For freelancers who accept credit cards, doing business without the help of a software program can be tricky. Therefore, accounting software for freelance service providers is one of the most important aspects of a service provider. However, before you decide on software for your business, there is a list of the best accounting software for freelancers who accept credit cards with their pros and cons.

Best Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards

Our Top 5 Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards

Best Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards Reviews

1. Best Overall: Freshbooks

Think that you can’t track your time or expenses without a ton of stress? Think again! Freshbooks is an innovative service that’s designed to make, well, accounting as simple and painless as can be. With this web-based program, it’s easy to log timesheets and capture expense receipts on the fly.

Freshbooks Review

You don’t even need a separate program for invoices – Freshbooks automatically does this for you too. Just forward your clients an email and watch the money flow in.

Other features include time tracking, invoice templates with logos, multiple cost rates, and more. Freshbooks even integrates with different CRM systems to help you manage your business effortlessly. 

2. Best for Tracking Freelance Profit: QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed QuickBooks Self-Employed logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a cost-effective alternative for small businesses. It has everything you need to start and manage your business. It can handle multiple jobs, has a large range of available features, and is easy to use. For example, you can calculate income and expenses all in one place with QuickBooks Self-Employed simple interface.

QuickBooks takes care of the organizational wizards that will help you stay on top of things with its impeccable time management tools like the timesheet feature or tracking expenses automatically through transactions. You will also be able to automate this process using QuickBooks’ powerful automation tools.

QuickBooks Self-Employed Review

QuickBooks Self-Employed can integrate with other applications and programs for added convenience. It supports a large range of tax forms to make filing taxes easy. Its customer support is excellent and free to use through QuickBooks itself or by calling the helpline.

3. Best Customer Support: AND CO


Our rating: ★★★★★

AND CO is a computer software company specializing in software for freelancers who want to utilize credit cards. Through AND CO, freelancers can easily and quickly invoice their clients online, take payments without extra fees, and get access to a desktop application that makes it easier to process invoices.

AND CO Review


For a freelancer, it is easy to submit an invoice electronically through AND CO instead of waiting for clients to send their payments in the mail. In addition, the software offers “flexible billing,” which lets freelancers decide how often invoices are submitted to clients.

AND CO offers an application that allows users to enter receipts into the software through a smartphone or tablet computer, cutting down on paperwork for users.

The software allows freelance workers to easily track their sales, get paid faster, and save money by not having too much cash on hand.

4. Best Complete Accounting Solution: Wave

Wave Accounting Wave Accounting logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

If you’re a freelancer, or even if you’re just a small business owner, then Wave is the right software for you. Modern and easy to use with a user-friendly interface, Wave handles all of your accounting needs – from invoicing to inventory – at an affordable price.

Wave’s features are robust and convenient: With it, project managers can send electronic invoices to clients while tracking time spent on specific tasks; from there, the app also automatically calculates taxes and sales totals. In addition, wave’s inventory feature allows users to track their client’s purchases, and refills are easy to reorder.

Wave Review

Wave’s invoice designer lets users add photos and videos, plus its built-in chat function helps you communicate with clients and other business contacts more efficiently. In addition, with tools such as Wave’s credit card processor, direct deposit, and e-commerce integration, the app has everything you need for an efficient business.

5. Best Easy-to-Use Software: FreeAgent

FreeAgent FreeAgent logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Freelancers of the world, rejoice! Call it a small miracle: an accounting system for freelancers who accept credit cards. The FreeAgent is a package containing everything you’ll need to handle your company’s finances. 

FreeAgent Review

The software handles invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, sales tax records, timesheets and expenses reports — even issuing electronic 1099-MISCs to all of your contractors at the close of the year. And you will never have to worry about overpaying for underpaying estimated taxes again with their handy tool for managing quarterly taxes.

FreeAgent Features

  • Invoices, statements, and tax reports for business and sales taxes.
  • Ability to handle multiple employees.
  • Checkbook register, bill paying journal.
  • Expense reports tracking hours worked by employees and contractors.
  • Ability to store individual employee timesheets for clients that allow them to be entered into the payroll system.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when choosing accounting software for freelance service providers. For example, the types of services you provide, your business size and how much time you want to spend on your bookkeeping.

If you have questions about accounting software for freelancers who accept credit cards, or if you just want to learn more about this subject, then feel free to leave a comment below. I will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide all of the information that I can.

How To Choose Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards

There are a variety of reasons for choosing accounting software for freelance service providers. All of the major companies have their program. These programs create a full accounting system that makes your data easily accessible and easy to manage. The range of features also depends on the services you offer and what features are needed by your business.

How To Choose Accounting Software For Freelancers Who Accept Credit Cards

Keep in mind that most major accounting software companies offer free trials, so be sure to check before you decide on a software purchase. This will ensure that you properly evaluate all of the available features with each program before making any final decisions about which one will work best for your business.

Accounting software for freelancers who accept credit cards is necessary for any service provider who works in this field. Choosing the best one for your business will ensure that you have all of the tools you need to keep track of your business and ensure that you are being paid for your services.

With the help of accounting software for freelance service providers, you can track all of your expenses, get paid on time, and avoid making mistakes. With a few key features, like recurring billing, tax preparation, and accounting features, it is easy to see how these programs have made it easier for businesses to organize their finances.


Can Freelancers Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, even those that work as freelancers can accept credit cards. Unlike the case of personal or business credit cards, which have their policies and requirements, a freelance card is typically not that different from a regular debit card. 
Freelancers don’t usually need to meet any qualifications other than being an individual who has been in business for themselves. To take advantage of this opportunity, however, you’ll need to be willing to answer the billing questions and confirm your account number with your bank.

Do Freelancers Need Accounting Software?

Freelancers are individuals who work as independent contractors or self-employed people. They have a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility. This includes their taxes and finances – and this can be a big problem for freelance workers if they don’t have the right tools to manage it all. Freelancers should consider using accounting software so that they don’t end up paying huge penalties in the future for not having receipts and records.

What Accountant Software Is The Best For Freelancers?

The program that we recommend is QuickBooks Self Employed. It is easy to use, requiring little time to learn and has many benefits for freelancers, such as not having a subscription cost or dealing with client payments manually. This program also has great use for those who handle their taxes and manage finances for clients on a freelance basis.

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