Best Accounting Software For Education Industry

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The accounting software for the education industry continues to explode in all directions, not just because of the year-round nature of the industry but because there are new and emerging technologies that make managing and doing business infinitely easier.

Best Accounting Software For Education Industry

We’ve taken the time to put together this list of the top five best accounting programs for education professionals around today. This should serve as a valuable resource for any company and help you find out which software will work best with your company’s needs.

Our Top 5 Accounting Software For Education Industry

Best Accounting Software For Education Industry Reviews

1. Best Overall: Sage Intacct

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Sage Intacct is a cloud accounting software that is used by education institutions of all sizes and levels. It has tools that can be used to monitor the finances of a company, track financial transactions, generate reports, and more. 

Sage Intacct Review

Here are some highlights of Sage Intacct’s features:

  • It offers multi-element construction reporting, making it easy to create any type of report required for your specific needs.
  • Sage allows you to input data in varied formats such as periods, dates, and numbers to make the process easier for you.
  • It enables you to create and download reports easily. You can also export them in different formats and generate reports for various purposes.
  • Sage can give financial, operational, and strategic insights about your business. It can also help your organization reach its goals with the help of a CFO dashboard and enable you to manage finances very quickly.
  • This accounting software has customizable financial accounts and a general ledger system. It also features an unlimited hierarchy of accounts.

2. Best User-Friendly: FreshBooks

FreshBooks FreshBooks logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Welcome to FreshBooks, the simple and intuitive online accounting software for the education industry. It offers features that allow you to manage your invoices, customers, and projects with a minimum fuss. In addition, it centralizes all your financial data, making it easier to stay on top of and faster to share information with your staff and accountants.

FreshBooks Review

This software is suitable for many users, from small businesses with one or two employees who need a basic accounting service to organizations with multiple sites that need full-featured accounting support.

FreshBooks allows you to create, send and track invoices from your computer or mobile device. It also allows clients to pay online, which gives a handy alternative to writing checks and posting them. In addition, accounting is simple – just enter their payment information once, and it makes it easy for you to provide services to your accounts without haggling with multiple third parties. 

Time tracking is another convenient part of this FreshBooks accounting software that’s great for education business owners. Track time for each project and log time for others using the “add billable time” feature. You can also manage invoices, expenses, and contacts in one convenient place with this software.

3. Best for Process Optimization: Aplos

Aplos Aplos logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Aplos software is a cloud-based, integrated accounting solution for higher education institutions. Aplos allows schools to manage their finances by providing tools for budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. Aplos also provides a suite of features that can help you manage your higher ed business from the president’s office to the departmental level. 

Aplos Review

Aplos is a cloud-based, integrated accounting solution for institutions of higher education. The software enables schools to manage their finances by providing budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting tools. In addition, the features in the software can help to facilitate data capture that can improve fiscal management and data management in the administration of a college or university’s budget, accounting systems, and reporting.

It also helps institutions act more efficiently by improving performance metrics while reducing costs through efficient use of resources.

4. Best User Interface: Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT is cloud-based accounting software that allows you to manage resources, track financials, and tag your students for future collaboration with ease. This software is perfect for education administrators and teachers as it provides ongoing updates without manual entry or repetitive work. 

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Review

Overall this app allows you to maintain financial records quickly and efficiently while also improving student engagement through enhanced course management functionality.

5. Best Customizable Option: Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Oracle NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning software that helps organizations manage their sales, marketing, innovation, and supply chain operations. This cloud-based software suite includes financial management, customer relationship management (CRM); project management; and human capital management (HCM).

Oracle NetSuite Review

This product review will discuss the features of accounting software for the education industry. Oracle NetSuite makes it easy to connect your school with your institution’s higher education partners. You can also integrate with other third-party applications to allow content digitization and data analytics, among many other features that help schools make the most of their time.

Buyer’s Guide

The right accounting software can help any business maximize profits and save time. But how do you know which one to choose?

The best way to find accounting software is by determining your specific needs and finding out which products meet those needs.

There are a number of factors that should influence your decision, including:

Which functions are essential for the smooth running of my school or college? What kind of training will I need to use the software? How much will the accounting software cost me (including ongoing costs)? Does it offer free support? What are other users saying about it online? The answers to these questions should help you narrow down your options and find the right school or college management system for you.


What Is School Accounting System?

Accounting in schools is usually done by a school-based accounting system, which is off-the-shelf software that has been tailored for schools. However, many schools use commercial software like ACTC 50 (which was created by Microsoft) or QuickBooks (which was designed for general use). The benefits include lower costs, easy customization, and increased reporting.

Is Quickbooks Ok For School?

QuickBooks is a popular choice among schools that want an avenue for managing their data and finances. As a result, many school districts purchase Quickbooks for their schools. The only issue is that many teachers are not trained on how to use Quickbooks to track student attendance and collections.

What Is The Best Accounting Software For Education Industry?

The best accounting software for the education industry is Quickbooks. Quickbooks has the most reliable accounting tools that make it easy to record transactions, make payroll, and file taxes. Quickbooks also has a mobile app that makes it easy to manage a business anytime, anywhere.

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