Best Accounting Software For Daycare Business

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There are a lot of accounting software companies out there, and most fall into the category of simple cost-based billing systems. However, it is important to use the best accounting software for your daycare company if you’re running a daycare business. That is why I created the list of the best accounting software on the market today with its pros and cons.

Best Accounting Software For Daycare Business

Our Top 5 Accounting Software For Daycare Business

Best Accounting Software For Daycare Business Reviews

1. Best Overall: Illumine

Illumine Illumine logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Illumine Accounting Software is the ideal system for daycare businesses to track expenses and income while eliminating any tax expense. Packed with features for daycare accounting, this product saves you hours of work every week by keeping your management tasks organized and simplifying reporting.

Illumine Review

A clean, intuitive interface puts everything at your fingertips with a streamlined workflow from check-in, tuition payments, invoicing parents for monthly fees, and more. In addition, illumine’s built-in business intelligence dashboard tells you how your daycare business is performing in real time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that Illumine Accounting Software has to offer.

2. Best Easy-to-Use: Procare SOLUTIONS

Procare SOLUTIONS  Procare SOLUTIONS logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Procare Solutions is one of the most feature-rich, flexible accounting software packages for daycares in the industry. With their easy-to-use and intuitive interface and an extensive list of features, it’s no wonder that busy daycare owners prefer Procare.

Procare SOLUTIONS Review

Here are some of the key features that make a stand out: 

  • Auto tracking of payments made by parents to a child’s account.
  • Ability to create budgets for staff pay and supplies purchases ahead of time. 
  • Custom categorization for client files makes retrieving records both faster and more accurate.
  • Easy integration with QuickBooks Online or your QuickBooks Desktop installation.

3. Best for Process Optimization: Brightwheel

Brightwheel Brightwheel logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

Brightwheel is user-friendly accounting software designed with small business owners and daycare providers in mind. It also offers a beautiful interface while still including advanced features for high performance. In addition, its friendly customer service will help any new business owner get everything up and running- quickly.

Brightwheel Review

Brightwheel is fantastic at helping keep the books of your business and giving you an indicator of where to go next. With Brightwheel, you can run your own or a franchise with ease.

There are many benefits to using accounting software for daycare businesses. Check out this list of features and see how Brightwheel can help you: 

  • A visual dashboard that gives you the big picture without any data entry required. 
  • Customizable, automated invoices to save you time and money with your billing cycle.
  • High visibility into your business operations with real-time analytics and reports.
  • Intuitive reports that show you exactly where to go next with your business.
  • A simple solution for managing cash flow with the ability to track payments and/or deposits.
  • Multi-trust account support for multiple daycare accounts.
  • A full suite of payroll features, including paid time off, holiday pay, and overtime coverage. 

4. Best for Billing and Invoicing: HiMama

HiMama HiMama logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

HiMama is a software designed for daycare business owners to manage their finances, and it’s easy to see why they are the market leader in this industry. The features of HiMama include customizable invoices, attendance management, payment reminders, and access to all of your financials on the go with your mobile device.

HiMama Review

The interface is clean and intuitive – helpful for parents who are not financial experts – but also robust enough that accounting professionals will use it with ease. It also has excellent customer service support via phone or email if you ever need help figuring out how something works.

5. Best User-Friendly: LifeCubby

LifeCubby LifeCubby logo

Our rating: ★★★★★

LifeCubby is a daycare accounting software that helps you track your income and expenses and provide you with a plethora of other features. You can set up your own business and track every expense imaginable, from payroll to class fees, without ever leaving the app. 

LifeCubby Review

This software has been designed to be simple for both parents and employees, with a straightforward interface that makes it easy for anyone to use quickly and effectively.

With LifeCubby accounting software, you get to manage your daycare business with ease. Besides tracking your business expenses, you can also set up parent accounts and payments, send text messages to them, set up their accounts on the app, and even create invoices. This makes it a whole lot easier for both of you. In addition, parents can manage their children’s accounts, add extra information while paying, or make reservations at the daycare center.

Buyer’s Guide

So you’ve decided to expand your business. Congratulations! Before you do anything else, you should consider purchasing some form of accounting software to help keep track of your daycare business. In this buyer’s guide, I will discuss the different types of accounting software on the market and what you can expect in each package.

How To Choose Accounting Software For Daycare Business

Choosing excellent accounting software for daycare is first and foremost about finding a program that will suit your needs and fit into your budget. After that, it becomes a matter of both functionality and features helpful in managing your business effectively and efficiently.

Accounting Software For Daycare Business

Budget is always a major consideration when I’m working on my budget. If I can have the best accounting software in my budget, then that will be the one!

When buying accounting software for your daycare business, the first thing you should consider is how much you can afford to spend. It’s true that many companies start small and quickly expand. With this expansion comes money for software and hardware upgrades and training on the system itself. 

Your company may be small now, but how long will it take before you want someone else to manage your finances? Considering all these factors will help you decide which package of accounting software best fits your needs.


What Is Daycare Accounting Software?

Daycare accounting software allows you to track and manage all aspects of your daycare business, including payments, scheduling, and payroll. It’s one of the best investments you can make to run a smooth operation.

What Is The Best Daycare Accounting Software?

If you’re looking for the best daycare accounting software, look no further than Illumine. With powerful features like sub-ledgers and unlimited users, Illumineis perfect for any size of daycare. Illumine also has tons of features that will save you time and help you manage your daycare business more effectively.

Is Quickbooks Ok For Daycare Business?

Quickbooks, the most widely used accounting software in the US, is designed to be easy for both business people and bookkeepers. In addition, with features like real-time credit card processing and a customer self-service portal, Quickbooks is a solid option for daycare providers who need to keep track of expenditures and income. However, with report taxes and more.

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